The Laboratory of Biology-Health and Nanosciences, was created in 2007 In 2015 turned Bioengineering and Nanoscience  lab (LBN) hosted by the UFR of Odontology.

The LBN hosts 3 interdisciplinary research groups and a technological platform:

1) DPSC for Dental and Bone Tissue Engineering

2) Stem cells, Organoids and Neurosensory Regeneration

3) Photonic Biomarkers for Teledentistry.

The EDMOS platform is a collaborative platform combining technical facilities from LBN, Institut Mines Telecom Ales and CHU Montpellier.

Confocal Raman Microscope Witec Alpha300

Cell culture laboratory P2

Chemical synthesis Lab

Histology facility (non-decalcified and decalcified specimen)

Force machine

Leak measurement machine

DPSCs for Bone and Dental Tissue Engineering

Collart Dutilleuil

Group Members

  • Jacques-Henri TORRES (PU PH)
  • Valérie ORTI (PU PH)
  • Stéphane BARTHELEMI (PU PH)
  • Philippe BOUSQUET (MCU PH)
  • Jean Claude EGEA (MCU-PH)
  • Naveen FATIMA, PhD
  • Sophia PIGLIONICO, PhD


  • Porous silicon for Dental Pulp Stem Cells proliferation and differentiation
  • PEEK functionalization for cell adhesion and mineralized tissue formation
  • Bifunctional peptide for epithelial adhesion on titanium
  • Bone and cartilage formation followed by Raman spectroscopy
  • DPSC for anticancer drug delivery
  • DPSC Conditioned Medium for cell and tissue regeneration

Stem cells, Organoids and Neurosensory Regeneration

Azel ZINE (PU, Group leader)

Group members

  • Azel ZINE (PU, Group leader)
  • Veronique MONTERO (MCU)
  • Olivier ROMIEU (MCU, PH)
  • Richard YOUNES (Ph.D Student)
  • Yassine MESSAT (Ph.D Student)
  • Fidan HUSEYNOVA (Ph.D Student)


  • Differentiate human inner ear neurosensory cells from DPSCs and iPSCs using 2D and 3D-cultures.
  • Evaluate the potential of human DPSCs/iPCs and sugar-based angiogenic effectors on stem cell differentiation and neurosensory organoids vascularization.
  • Explore the effects of transplantation of DPSC and iPSC-derived neurosensory progenitors in in vitro and in vivo models of  sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).

Photonic biomarkers for teledentistry

A. Slimani (Group leader)

Group members:

  • D. Carayon
  • MA. Fauroux
  • H. Tassery (PU-PH)
  • H. Salehi (PR)
  • M. Fages (PU-PH)
  • J-C Durand (MCU-PH, Deputy Dean)
  • A. Desoutter (technical assistant LBN)
  • H. Lambert (PhD student)
  • R. Lan (PhD Student)

Contact :

Laboratoire Bioingénierie  et Nanosciences
UR UM104, Université Montpellier
545 avenue du Professeur Jean-Louis Viala, 34193 Montpellier Cedex 5
Secrétariat : Catherine Barthelemy
Tel : 04 11 75 91 96 ; fax : 04 11 75 91 96 ; courriel